<![CDATA[Diamond Polymer Science CO., LTD.]]> http://www.diamond-polymer.com.tw Tue, 13 Mar 2018 16:32:16 +0800 3600 <![CDATA[ High Heat Flame and High Stiffness ()(2012/Mar/29 13:11:14)]]> http://www.diamond-polymer.com.tw/high-heat-flame-and-high-stiffness.html The following areas should be use:  air conditioning case, dish dryer, battery cases, wires and cables for home appliances.

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high-heat-flame-and-high-stiffness <![CDATA[ High Heat Resistance and High Stiffness ()(2012/Mar/29 13:15:29)]]> http://www.diamond-polymer.com.tw/high-heat-resistance-and-high-stiffness.html
  • Household appliances, housewares, air conditioning casing, auto/motorcycle parts, furniture, R.O filter housing 
  • NSF/ANSI Standard 61

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    high-heat-resistance-and-high-stiffness <![CDATA[ High Impact Strength ()(2012/Mar/29 12:02:05)]]> http://www.diamond-polymer.com.tw/high-impact-strength.html
  • Auto/motorcycle parts, electrical appliances, power tool, auto parts, housewares
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    high-impact-strength <![CDATA[ GF Reinforced ()(2012/Mar/29 12:02:05)]]> http://www.diamond-polymer.com.tw/gf_reinforced.html This reinforced compound features high stiffuess and appropriate impact strength. It is widely used in cooling fan blades for auto/motorcycle, air-conditioning fan blades, electrical appliances parts, auto/motorcycle parts.(2012/Mar/29 12:02:05)]]> Thu, 29 Mar 2012 12:02:05 +0800 gf_reinforced <![CDATA[ Environmental Recyclable Gloves ()(2012/Mar/28 16:16:39)]]> http://www.diamond-polymer.com.tw/dias_eco_gloves.html Non-plasticizer, Non-PVC, environmentally friendly material, good chemical resistance, oil resistant, soft. comfortable. lightweight, highly elastic, nonallergenic, Good Chemical Resistance, Oil Resistant , Soft. Comfortable. Lightweight, Highly Elastic, Non-Powdered, Easy On/Off, Hygienic design reduces the spread of infections.

    The following areas should be use: Electronic industry, medical treatment, and housewares.

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    dias_eco_gloves <![CDATA[ Silica Dioxide (233/233G/255/255G/C152/928/T610/532/256/116/200)(2013/Jul/16 16:26:29)]]> http://www.diamond-polymer.com.tw/silica-dioxide.html

    Panits and coatings,Adhesives and sealants, Printing inks, Unsaturated polyester resins, Laminated  resins and gel coates, Food and  cosmetics.

    Used as anti-settling, Thickening, Anti-sagging agent, Improvement of free flow.
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    silica-dioxide <![CDATA[ Colloid Calcium Carbonate (CC.CCRE CCRA ‘.TDD.OT)(2013/Jul/16 16:29:10)]]> http://www.diamond-polymer.com.tw/Colloid-Calcium-Carbonate.html Diamond Bio-chem. Co., Ltd.(Diamond Chemical Co., Ltd.) is established by Chairman Ko Chih-lien in 1973. Technical cooperation with Japan, the production of 40-nm high-level white reinforcing filler " Colloid Calcium Carbonate-- DIA-CAL. DIA-CAL CC reinforces rubber and provides good mechanical strength, wearing resistance, and wet traction. Optimum amount of silica in the midsole/innersole compound achieves uniform cell structure as well as good compression set of the foam.DIA-CAL CC can apply for Tire, Footwear , Electirc wire , Painting etc.(2013/Jul/16 16:29:10)]]> Tue, 16 Jul 2013 16:29:10 +0800 Colloid-Calcium-Carbonate <![CDATA[ EBS (ALFLOW H50S.H50F.H50T)(2013/Jul/16 16:42:16)]]> http://www.diamond-polymer.com.tw/EBS.html




    The brand name ALFLOW® describes a range of amides produced from fatty acids and amines. The range includes monoamides producing using ammonia as the amine, and bisamides produced using ethylenediamine. Stearic acid is the main fatty acid used, although the range also includes amides of lauric acid, oleic acid and behenic acid, thereby satisfying demands across a wide range of different properties and functionalities. Examples of potential uses of these amides include lubricants, plasticizers, mold release agents, and antifoaming agents.


        ALFLOW® improves the workability of plastic products

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    EBS <![CDATA[ Zinc Stearate.Calcium Stearate .Magnesium Stearate .Barium Stearate /Metallic Soap Stabilizars (GS.GM.GP.GF200)(2013/Jul/16 16:40:45)]]> http://www.diamond-polymer.com.tw/Zinc-StearateCalcium-Stearate-Magnesium-.html

    Metallic Soap



    Metallic soap, which is formed using a salt of a fatty acid and an alkali earth metal, is produced industrially using either a double decomposition method or a direct method. NOF manufactures a variety of different metallic soap products, using both of these methods. Our product range includes metallic soaps produced using stearic acid, castor oil fatty acid or lauric acid as the fatty acid, and aluminum, calcium, zinc, magnesium or barium as the metal.

    Potential applications for metallic soaps are many and varied, and include lubricants, water repellants, resin lubricants, PVC stabilizers, thickeners, matting agents, mold release agents, blocking prevention agents, vulcanization accelerators, base materials for greases, compounding agents for cosmetics, and food additives.

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