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Zinc Stearate.Calcium Stearate .Magnesium Stearate .Barium Stearate /Metallic Soap Stabilizars

Zinc Stearate.Calcium Stearate .Magnesium Stearate .Barium Stearate /Metallic Soap Stabilizars
Product ID: GS.GM.GP.GF200

Metallic Soap


Metallic soap, which is formed using a salt of a fatty acid and an alkali earth metal, is produced industrially using either a double decomposition method or a direct method. NOF manufactures a variety of different metallic soap products, using both of these methods. Our product range includes metallic soaps produced using stearic acid, castor oil fatty acid or lauric acid as the fatty acid, and aluminum, calcium, zinc, magnesium or barium as the metal.

Potential applications for metallic soaps are many and varied, and include lubricants, water repellants, resin lubricants, PVC stabilizers, thickeners, matting agents, mold release agents, blocking prevention agents, vulcanization accelerators, base materials for greases, compounding agents for cosmetics, and food additives.

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