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Product Introduction

Products Introduction

1. Diamond Chemical Enterprise Corp./Silica Dioxide
2. Diamond Nano-Chem. Co., Ltd./Colloid Calcium Carbonate.Light Calcium Carbonate
3. Diamond Polymer Science Co., Ltd./Polypropylene composite material and alloy. TPE Film.

Recognition of Corporate Excellence from the Department of Industrial Technology in '93. 
1.Far-Infrared Radiation Film (Taiwan/Invention No. 163290)
2.Far-Infrared Radiation Film (China/Invention No. 187916)
3.Breathable moisture-permeable film flow hole horizontal expansion device(Taiwan/Invention No. 214769)
4.Masterbatch dispersion and prevention of secondary condesation in the production of nano powder (Taiwan/Invention No. 224606)
5.Production of The compound masterbatch by fatty acid-induced and far-infrared nano-filled material (Taiwan/Invention No. 226317)
6.The production method of breathable waterproof film (Taiwan/Invention No. 207593) 

4.Taiwan Nicuiyu Chemical Co., Ltd./ (ALFLOW H50 Serise. EBS)、E10、S-10(Metallic Soap Stabilizers-Zinc Stearate.、Calcium Stearate、Magnesium Stearate.、 Barium Stearate)

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