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Silica Dioxide

Silica Dioxide Silica Dioxide

Product ID: 233/233G/255/255G/C152/928/T610/532/256/116/200

Silica offers products in both granule and micro-granule form with wide rang of specific surface area for rubber applications. Silica are used to improve rubber adhesion to the reinforcing fabric cord in belts and hose compound; to improve heat aging and dynamic properties of engine mounts; to improve tear resistance in black hose cover; and maximize abrasion resistance and other physical properties of non-black hose cover.

Panits and coatings,Adhesives and sealants, Printing inks, Unsaturated polyester resins, Laminated  resins and gel coates, Food and  cosmetics.


Used as anti-settling, Thickening, Anti-sagging agent, Improvement of free flow.

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